Mayor Al Lambert

Elect Alan Lambert For Mayor Of Romulus

Let's Get It Done In 2021!

Dear Romulus Residents:

We are all living during this unsettling pandemic and life as we know it may never be same; hoping this letter finds you all safe and healthy.

My name is Alan Lambert, and I have dedicated nearly 40 years of my life in public service to the City of Romulus. I am seeking to return to my position of Mayor in the 2021 election, and to finish what I began. My Community service background is that I was a Romulus Police Officer for 14 years, a School Board Trustee for 3 years, a Romulus City Councilman for 7 years, and Mayor of the City of Romulus for 12 years, retiring in 2013.

I would like to share just a few of our many accomplishments we were able to make happen while serving as your Mayor. My Team and I were able to improve the quality of life for our Residents by making significant improvements to the City. Starting with building the state-of-the-art Romulus Athletic Center, building a brand-new Senior Center, and then the new Romulus Animal Shelter. All of these brand-new facilities were built without an increase in taxes. I also initiated “Operation Fresh Look”, which addressed the blight problem by removing hundreds of dilapidated and unsafe structures. I championed for, and was successful in creating a true “24/7” full time Fire Department, which also doubled their manpower, again without an increase in taxes. I searched and found a businessperson to bring back a full-service supermarket to our downtown.

I’ve decided to run for Mayor in 2021 because I share the concerns of many residents and business owners regarding the safety in our Community. Coming from a police background, I believe it is very important for the residents to feel safe in their homes. I am concerned that the people of our Community are not safe due to inefficient police manpower in the City at this time. I feel it is important to have more police officers on the streets, and especially in your neighborhoods. Increased manpower will lead to an increase in response times to emergency situations. I am concerned that the current response times are just not acceptable to our Community and for the safety of our Residents. I have a plan to reorganize the police department to increase manpower on the streets immediately, and without any additional tax burden on you.

Other areas of concern I have are: the lack of ordinance/code enforcement, the atrocious condition of our neighborhood roads, an unstable City budget, and a lack of tax-paying development. Our City needs more than just new warehouses which brings an abundance of truck traffic that is contributing to the further deterioration of our streets; we need developments that will hire residents and pay taxes to generate revenue for the City.

In summary, when I am elected Mayor, my immediate goals will include: increasing police on the streets and in our neighborhoods, reopening more fire stations so all areas of the city are safer, finding a vendor to open a new supermarket downtown (as well as in other locations), as well as addressing the ongoing blight and ordinance code issues.

More importantly, due to this pandemic and for years thereafter, we are all facing a whole new set of challenges, Challenges which we can’t fully predict yet, but will require immediate action. These are critical times in our City and it is crucial for us to have a proven leader with stability and vision for the future safety of our Residents.

Respectfully yours,

Alan Lambert