Mayor Alan Lambert has dedicated his entire life to improving Romulus – as a City Councilman, a School Board Trustee, a Romulus Police Officer, and as Mayor or Romulus.  He is a lifelong resident of Romulus, and graduate of Romulus High School.

Alan’s distinguished career in public service began in 1981, when he was the youngest person ever elected to serve on the Romulus City Council, where he served for seven years.

Mayor Lambert’s post-secondary education includes classes at Schoolcraft College, and he graduated from the Detroit Metropolitan Police Academy in 1988.

From 1988 to 2001, Mayor Lambert proudly served as a Romulus police officer.  His many achievements while with the Police Department include two years as an instructor in G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education and Training), a program designed to help students resist drugs, peer pressure and gang activity.  For three years, Officer Lambert also served as police liaison to Community High and Romulus Middle School. Officer Lambert truly enjoyed his duties of interacting with the students as both a counselor and a mentor.

From 1998 to 2001, Mayor Lambert served as Trustee, and then President of the Romulus Community School Board.  Quality education and recreation for children have remained among his priorities.

Lambert was elected Mayor of Romulus in the fall of 2001.  Several groups joined together to endorse his candidacy for Mayor:  Romulus Police Officers Association, Romulus Community School Employees, Detroit Metropolitan Airport Firefighters Association Local #741, Transport Workers Union Local #521, Romulus Democratic Club, Metropolitan Detroit AFL-CIO, Greater Detroit Building Trades Council, and several UAW Locals.  Lambert served 12 years as Mayor for the City of Romulus.

During his tenure as Mayor, one of Lambert’s top priorities has been economic renewal for the city.  Under his leadership, many new businesses and neighborhood developments were brought to Romulus.  His Operation Fresh Look included an aggressive program of demolishing unsafe, unused structures combined with new beautification programs.

His efforts to improve communication between the City of Romulus and Detroit Metropolitan Airport were very successful.  Mayor Lambert regularly met with the Director of the Airport Authority to discuss issues relevant to the community.

Mayor Lambert focused his dedication to building a better Romulus by improving fire and police protection and implementing new projects and programs geared toward improving the quality of life for the residents.  Lambert also worked diligently to ensure the City’s budget stayed balanced and in a good rating.

On a personal level, Mayor Lambert is married to Diane Banks Lambert.  Both the Lambert and the Banks family have a rich history of public service in Romulus.   Mayor and Mrs. Lambert are the parents of seven children and the proud grandparents of sixteen beautiful grandchildren.  Their family has a long history of involvement in Romulus and family members continue to be involved, contributing to the community and its activities.

Family Heritage, Family Pride…….

Mayor Alan Lambert’s family is a patriotic, close-knit family that truly loves the Romulus Community.  The Mayor’s parents, the late Daniel and Dorothy Lambert, first came to Romulus in the early fifties.  Through the years they instilled in their five children a commitment to community and public service.

Mayor Lambert and his wife Diane have seven children, and sixteen grandchildren.  Their family remains committed to the community and will always hold Romulus dear in their hearts.

The Mayor’s wife, Diane Banks Lambert, also has a long history of serving on Romulus Boards, Committees, and Commissions.  Diane’s mother, the late Mary Ann Banks, is another well-respected leader in the Romulus government.

“Family means everything.  We draw strength each day from God, our families, our great nation and our wonderful system of government.  Romulus is a community of families who take pride in each other.  We have families who have lived on the same land in Romulus since the late 1800s.  Multiple generations of the same families continue to make Romulus their home.  That says a lot about the small-town American values of our residents.  In Romulus, we care about our neighbors.  We look out for each other.  I am proud to serve this community.


                                                                                    Alan R. Lambert