Al Lambert Has A Plan For Romulus


A major priority of the Lambert Administration will be the improvement of all aspects of Public Safety in our community.

Fire Department

The closure of several fire stations in the City has created longer response times.  I will work to reopen Station #1 (at Northline and Huron River Drive) to help provide shorter response times in that area of the City.  Additionally, I will work to increase our ability to transport EMS runs ourselves.  If we must continue the practice of using a private ambulance service, my administration will require that service to have at least one unit dedicated to Romulus (currently that is not required, and residents are waiting for ambulances to arrive from as far away as Ypsilanti).

Police Department

First and foremost, having been a police officer in Romulus for 14 years, I have the greatest respect for the men and women that serve our community.  We must ensure that they are trained for success with thorough and intensive training, especially with de-escalation techniques, use-of-force, and interacting with the public (including those with special needs).

I will realign the department, putting more officers in our neighborhoods instead of behind a desk.  Response times for the police department are frequently excessive, while command officers are not handling calls.

Community policing will return under the Lambert administration.  This program, where police officers patrol neighborhoods, participate in community events, and communicate regularly with the residents and businesses they serve, is a proven concept to improve relations and lower crime.

The bottom line is that the crime rate is rising.  In fact, it is higher than it has been in years.  Residents need to feel safe in their homes.


A major priority of the Lambert Administration will be the creation of meaningful development within the City of Romulus.  Our City is saturated with warehouses and trucks.  Our residents need retail, dining, and entertainment establishments.  Our businesses need to be part of a cohesive plan that will propel further investment and development within our boundaries.

Historic Downtown

The “downtown” area of Goddard Road has been a challenge for developers, especially since the re-routing of Goddard Road to accommodate the needs of the airport.  To revitalize the “Historic Downtown” area, my administration will designate the area as “historic” and will work to develop a plan that includes façade improvements on the existing buildings and focus on retail/food partners that are appropriate for the area.

“New” Downtown – Business District

I will conduct a feasibility/impact study to evaluate other thoroughfares for business development – quite possibly Wayne Road.  There are many incentives we can create to secure retail/dining/entertainment venues in that newly designated area of focus.  (The first step would be to remove blighted buildings, clean up vacant land, and create a façade improvement plan for existing businesses.)

The City needs to more thoroughly weigh the benefit (or lack thereof) of providing tax abatements.  Tax abatements do have a valid purpose when implemented properly.  However, the impact of the abated development must be measured, in terms of increased truck traffic, appearance (behemoth warehouses), and overall contribution to the local economy (jobs/services).


A major priority of the Lambert Administration will be to improve conditions on roads within the City of Romulus.

The first step of this process will be to conduct a wholesale study of all roads to determine the level of deterioration and assess whether repair or replacement is the correct course of action.

My team will then develop a Strategic Plan to establish a timeline, and cost/funding analysis to achieve the outcome needed.

The City MUST do more to hold County, State, and Federal leaders accountable for the overall lack of funding provided to communities for road maintenance.  Additionally, the attempts to revitalize some roads, particularly Eureka Road from I-275 to Merriman turned out to be no better than temporary band-aids that failed miserably.  I pledge to do everything I can to get the County, State, and Airport Authority to step up and take care of the main access to the airport.


A priority of the Lambert Administration will be the elimination of vacant properties and the correction of unsightly conditions.

As Mayor, I will reinstate “Operation Fresh Look”, a program that was in place during my previous tenure.  During that time, hundreds of vacant, dilapidated properties were demolished.

Code Enforcement

The Lambert administration will require consistent, thorough, and fair enforcement of our Codes and Ordinances.  All residents and businesses will share in their responsibility to keep their community clean and safe, making Romulus a great place to live, work, and play.  The practice of “selective enforcement” currently being followed, must end.  Ordinance department employees need to be fully versed in our ordinances.

I will also conduct a public information campaign to inform the community about the ordinance requirements and expectations.

Commercial Properties 

As I have stated in other areas, I will research how the City can provide incentives for business owners to upgrade their properties and facades.  The Building Department will be enlisted to assist the Ordinance Department regarding businesses that have an exterior in disrepair.

Of particular note, I will be working with the Wayne County Airport Authority regarding the perimeter fencing around the airport.  There are certainly better alternatives than sagging grey wire fences with barbed wire.  Obviously, safety and security are concerns that must be considered, but I’m confident there is more appropriate barrier they can use that doesn’t detract from the value of our neighborhoods.


A priority of the Lambert Administration will be the expansion of recreational opportunities for our residents.

New Park

The neighborhood south of Eureka, east of Middlebelt, has no park, other than the school playground. I will work with the school district to discuss obtaining some unused land in the area to be used as a park.  Our residents pay taxes to Wayne County for parks, and some of those funds are available to us, in addition to other grants that may be available.  Our children need a safe place to play.

Upgrade Programs and Facilities  

My administration will also work to strengthen our current Parks and Recreation Department with more offerings for all residents.  We need to maximize use of resources bought and paid for by the community – the schools, the Romulus Athletic Center, and our parks.  After-school and summer enrichment programs would benefit countless families.

I will work to make all our parks accessible and useful to those with special needs – sensory areas, mobility-challenged areas, etc.  No child should be excluded from play due to different abilities.



  • During this Pandemic, Al has been doing whatever he can to Pay it Forward.
  • Al has been purchasing and handing out hundreds of face masks, protective gloves, and hand sanitizer to our Senior Citizens.
  • Al has also been purchasing and handing out over 200 bags of food to our Seniors and other Residents in need – spending thousands of dollars in food donations.
  • For the past four months Al has volunteered on Tuesdays, working with Forgotten Harvest filling hundreds of cars with food to feed families in need.
  • It’s a great feeling to be able to help those in need during this crisis, and Al will continue to do so as long as needed!
  • Al has served as a Public Servant for many years because helping people is what I enjoy doing the most.




  • Improve the Quality of Life for our Residents
  • Immediately mandate Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity Training for all Romulus Police Officers.
  • Take a hard look at our Use of Force Policy and De-Escalation Techniques currently in use. We simply MUST enforce the law equally to all individuals.
  • Reinstate community policing in our neighborhoods to allow residents and officers to better know each other.
  • Schedule more trained officers on street patrol in your neighborhoods. This will be done without any tax increases as he will restructure the police department for better service to the Residents.
  • Bring a Supermarket to DOWNTOWN Romulus, as well as research other vendors to develop a supermarket in other areas of the City.
  • We must find new development that benefits our Residents (something beyond just trucking warehouses that are ultimately destroying our City Streets). This development will also be focused on bringing new revenue to the City, instead of tax abatements.
  • Al will be the Mayor of all of our Residents, not just a chosen few.
  • Al will be a Full-Time Mayor, not just a part-time administrator.
  • The roads must be fixed.
  • Al will make every effort to hire Romulus Residents that qualify for open positions.

These are very different times we are living in, and as a Nation we are all facing many challenges.  Romulus needs a Proven Leader to get us through!  Al proved his leadership skills in 2009 when he kept the City from financial ruin after the housing crisis, and he can guide our City through these next years as well